10 Great Topic Ideas For College-Level Research Papers

While you are in college, you have to write many different research papers. This is meant to stimulate your imagination and to help you gather new information about diverse topics. Of course, most of the time you will be tempted to choose the easiest topic that you find, since you don’t want to waste your entire afternoon for a research paper. As comfortable as this might be, it can become a problem because no one will be interested in your composition. Here are some topics that are easy to handle, but interesting at the same time:

  • Eating disorders among teenagers. It’s a sensitive issue for many students, but you can build a great research paper on this theme. Maybe you have the chance to help someone.

  • Vandalism. Some teenagers call it art, but the government calls it vandalism. Drawing on buildings can seem interesting for some, but it is punishable by law.

  • Eco-friendly transportation. Have you ever considered the idea of coming to school on your bicycle? What stops you from doing this? The infrastructure in your city is suitable for this?

  • Converting to another religion. What do you think about people who choose a different religion? Would you ever do this? Talk about your reasons and personal beliefs.

  • Working pro bono. Try to imagine if every person would work pro bono for a few hours every week. Could the poor people in your city get some help? Would the government solve with this the problem of homelessness?

  • Social anxiety. Many students are considered shy, but they actually have social anxiety. The good news is that they can cure completely with therapy. Who knows, maybe your research paper will help one of your classmates.

  • Children with disabilities. If one of your friends has a disability, you know perfectly how many problems these people have. They are discriminated and people avoid them, so they never have the chance for a normal social life.

  • Homeless animals. How should the government solve this problem? Do you think that homeless dogs should be allowed on the streets?

  • Natural disasters. Discuss in your research paper about the most important natural disasters in the last years. What should the public know about these situations? How can they remain safe?

  • Communism. You can find out more about this ideology, and discuss with your classmates about it.

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