10 Rules For Writing A Literary Analysis Research Paper

It is significant to understand that the main objective of a literary analysis research paper is to discreetly delve into and at times assess a work of literature or a facet of a literature work. In addition to this, just like in any form of analysis, this calls for the writer to analyze the subject into its components. It is worthy of note that analyzing the various elements of a literature piece isn’t deemed as an end in itself for this is perceived as a valuable process that aims to aid you deeply comprehend and appreciate the literature work as a whole.

Here are the ten pivotal rules for composing a literary analysis research paper:

  • Choose a topic that it related to a short story, novel, poem or play that you have read. Take into account that the work that is under analysis is referred to as the main source; the historical as well as the critical references are pertained as the secondary sources.

  • It is imperative to compose a contingent thesis in order to base your research purpose. Keep in mind that this is actually what you are attempting to back up. After some reading, it is necessary to have the thesis statement refined.

  • Formulate a working a list of available sources otherwise known as the bibliography. It helps to consult the MLA International Bibliography, the books of literary criticism and other periodicals as well as books which are linked to the author and your subject. You can check out the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature in case your topic is current. You may also get data from online sources. It is substantial to create copies of data that you consider pertinent.

  • It is a must to take notes. You can either underscore your copies or use index cards. Just choose the one which you think will work best for you.

  • Create an outline that makes use using the data gathered from the jotted notes.

  • Compose a rough draft when inserting parenthetical citations that are within the text except that there are instructions provided for you. It is worth mentioning that this approach of acknowledging references has replaced endnotes and footnotes since it is instantly accessible to readers.

  • It is crucial to compose the cited works otherwise known as the bibliography and then this must be followed by the guidelines of MLA guidelines or other sorts of sources.

  • Consider laying the document aside and work on the necessary edits or do the proofreading at a later time.

  • Then, it is high time to compose the final copy.

  • Finally, check the paper for some revisions and make sure to follow the proper proofreading procedures.

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