Good Topics For A 7-Page Research Paper: 20 Questions You Can Investigate

Research papers are scholarly articles written by a college student after conducting a thorough work regarding a particular topic or a subject. That may be of analyzing an existing topic or invention of a new solution to a problem. It is comparatively lengthier than other form of article writings where a detailed statistical and graphical analysis, experimentation, case studies are being conducted elaborately and arriving at a specific conclusion or result.

Points to remember while selecting a topic for your 7 page term paper:

  • Brainstorm for latest and innovative ideas

  • Choosing the topic in which you have a basic idea and you can complete your work successfully.

  • Defining your topic as a focused question.

  • Conducting enough work and gathering information about the topic

  • Flexible and definite

  • Formulation of an efficient thesis statement

Good topics for a 7 page paper which needs investigation

As far as the academic term papers are concerned certain universities assign a set of topics based on the curriculum and you need to find a challenging topic based from the list provided. In certain cases, the students will be given the freedom to select the topics of their own and they can file the report after conducting the research. Finding an appropriate topic for the term paper is the initial step and it needs to be taken seriously.

Here are some interesting topics which can be challenging, inspiring and needs proper investigation:

  • What are the disadvantage and threats in human cloning?

  • Latest information technology advancements

  • How Technology becomes effective in reproduction

  • How the discrimination in the field of education can be solved?

  • What are the benefits of social media

  • Define the latest Global marketing trends

  • Censorship regarding the usage of internet

  • Solutions to online computer hacking

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery

  • What are the latest environmental pollutions and its solutions

  • How to Conserve endangered species though wildlife conservation

  • Global warming- what is its reality and exaggerations

  • What are the advancements in the organic agricultural sector

  • What are the latest employment issues and its solutions

  • How the problems related to domestic violence can be solved?

  • Investigate the recent trends in e business

  • What are the similarities between western and Indian cultures?

  • How industrial revolutions affect the environment

  • Should the illegal immigrants given legalized citizenship

  • Have the cell phone technology ruined the teenage?

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