How To Develop A Good Research Paper Working Title

To introduce your research paper to your instructor, you’ll need to come up with a good working title for it. This might seem like an easy task, but creating a decent name for your work is much more difficult than you think. If you don’t know the basic rules, you should read about them below.

  1. Make it clear.
  2. Even if this is just a working title that might be changed in the process of writing, you should make it look clear and simple. First of all, try to make it no longer than fifteen words. Long names look boring and unattractive. Moreover, a lot of words might confuse some readers so that they don’t understand the meaning of the name at first glance. To make the name of your document more attractive, you should use active verbs.

  3. Use good descriptive words.
  4. The working title of your research paper should resemble the contents of your document. For this reason, you should use the same descriptive words both in the name of your paper and in its text. This will make your work look interconnected and complete.

  5. Avoid using abbreviations.
  6. It’s not recommended to use abbreviations and jargon words in the name of your paper. This will make it less understandable for an ordinary reader. It’s only acceptable to use common abbreviations, like NATO, for example. Try to use specific jargon words only in the body of your paper, so that you can give necessary explanations to your readers.

  7. Don’t forget about search engines.
  8. One more important factor is that your title should be composed in such a way that other students will be able to find your research paper easily in the future. To achieve this result, you should think about what words you would type when searching for such a paper. In this case, you may even sacrifice the shortness of your title and make it a little bit longer, if it’s the only option. Such attention to detail might lead to your work being found by other students and used in their research. As a result, your name will be cited in their references.

  9. Don’t use provocative questions.
  10. It’s not recommended to phrase the name of your document in the form of a provocative question. However, you may compose it in the form of a question followed by a brief explanation to this question.

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