What To Know About The Length Of An 8th Grade Research Paper In Optics

When it comes to writing an 8th grade research paper on optics there is no hard or fast rule in terms of page requirement. Usually teachers want you to write a document that is roughly between 4 or 5 pages. But what is most important is that you reach this page count without using any filler, extended quotes, large font, or extra spacing. All content within your research paper on optics should be relevant. Here’s how you should go about achieving this with ease:

Choose a Precise Topic and Read

The first step is simply to pick something you think you can write four to five pages on. Don’t select something that is too broad that you won’t be able to handle nor anything that is too narrow that you won’t be able to find any content on. Choose something manageable and get started on research.

Create an Outline and Thesis

Take your notes and create an outline and draft a thesis statement to help guide your writing. You should have at least three good arguments to support your main argument. You can use the outline to plan for about three-quarters of a page for each argument and about half a page for each the introduction and conclusion.

Start Writing the First Draft

Don’t wait until the last minute to get to work, start writing soon after creating your outline and thesis statement. A lot of students try to make corrections as they go. Don’t break your momentum by following this technique. Just keep going. Get all of your ideas down as they come up in your head.

Revise the Content of Your Work

Set your work aside for a few hours so that you can return to revise it with a fresh perspective. Look for ways to improve on the overall structure and presentation of your argument. Can you remove content to make the work better? Do you need to add content so that your argument makes better sense? Should you rearrange content so that the reader as an easier time comprehending your ideas? All of these are questions you should keep asking yourself as you revise.

Edit and Proofread Your Paper

Finally, spend plenty of time completely editing and proofreading your work. Even if this means having to lessen your word count because you have found that using one precise word is better than using two words. It’s better to submit quality before quantity. Also check for errors you are likely to have made in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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