List of Argumentative Research Paper Topics You Can Handle Without Research

Most people, on some level, enjoy a good argument. We all have our opinions, and we work hard to frame them in such a way that convinces other towards our own way of thinking. Well, while it one thing to argue verbally, it is another thing entirely to write down a crafty argument in essay form. The first step, naturally, is to develop a topic. While many arguments require research in order to substantiate and support educational opinions, there are a wide variety of topics that do not require research at all. Such arguments can be crafted, based on the topic, in a way that provides and informed and reasoned rationale behind the idea being presented. Consider the list of topics below as a place to begin.

  • All Students Who Attend Middle School Should be Tested for Drugs

  • Standardized Tests Should be Eliminated

  • Schools Should Provide Teacher With Bonuses if Their Students Perform Well

  • All Children of Illegal Immigrants Should be Given Free Primary and Secondary Education

  • There Should be no Censorship of any Kind on the Internet

  • Cell Phones Should not be Permitted on Public School Campuses

  • Computer Games Should Be Used for Classroom Instruction

  • All Elementary Aged School Children Should be Given Free Tablet Computers

  • Paper Books Should be Eliminated in Order to Save the Environment

  • Television Commercials Should be Limited to 10 Minutes per Hour

  • Art Should be a Mandatory High School Graduation Requirements

  • Public Schools Are Biased in Favor of Boys

  • Affirmative Action Should be Abolished in Favor of More Comprehensive Equal Rights Legislation

  • Children Younger than 14 Should Not Be Permitted to Play Tackle Football

  • College Athletes Should be Paid a Salary of Some Sort

  • Sports Betting Should be Legalized Nationwide

  • Home School Students Should be Permitted to Play Sports for their Local Public School

  • Guns Should be Abolished Nationwide

  • The Death Penalty Should be Legal Nationwide

  • The Drinking Age Should be Lowered to 18 Years Old Nationwide

  • Genetically Modified Food Should be Outlawed

  • Sugary Drinks Should Not be Permitted in Public Schools

    • Each of the above topics can be effectively argued, in essay form, by taking either the pro or con stance. By clearly stating your own opinion, and then providing a reasoned argument to support the main idea, you can effectively work to convince your reader that way of thinking is valid.

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