Guidelines On How To Do A Research Paper In The APA Format

American psychological Association or APA style was created in the year of 1929 by a group of anthropologists, business managers and psychologists. They came together and decided to establish a set of style rules which would tabulate and systematize several scientific components involved in writing. This in turn will be responsible to facilitate reading comprehension.

Here are few basic tips to begin with- the paper you use for typing must be white and measure 8.5 * 11 inches, maintain double space and times new roman as your font, one space after punctuation marks should be enough, maintain 1 inch of margin on all sides, use of active voice is recommended and the order to be followed is title page, abstract, body, references, appendix, footnotes, tables and figures. Now that you have illuminated yourself with the basic tips, forge ahead with the below mentioned guidelines to the format:

  • The title page - in this, you are to write the running head of the paper, place the title at the centre. And do not forget to maintain five spaces between the page number which is on the right hand side corner and the title at the center.

  • The abstract - this is the preface to the whole of your paper. An abstract must not exceed a 100 word limit. In this introductory paragraph, the writer should summarize the issue on which the paper is based, the methods used and the results.

  • The body - this part consists of the title written in upper and lower case letters followed by the introduction. After this comes the headings which help organize the document. In-text citation is another crucial aspect of the paper. The sources you are taking help from must be formally acknowledged. In APA format the author-date method is followed, for example, (Chomsky, 1957) and in case you are using short quotations, the page number follows it immediately.

  • The reference list - comes at the end of the paper, after you have written the conclusion down. The citation for a single author should be written in this pattern: Dumbledore, A. B. (1998). Friendship and Social well-being. Current status of human nature, 11, 7-15. And for multiple authors: Snape, S. & Dumbledore, A. B. (1998). Friendship and social well being. Current status of human nature, 11, 7-15. For online articles: Dumbledore, A. B. (date of publication). Title. Retrieved month day, year, from hyperlink.

  • Miscellaneous - this would consist of figures, tables and charts.

Hope these guidelines help. Best of luck!

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