How Do You Cite A Website In An MLA Format Research Paper?

Academic writing has a lot more than just putting your ideas on paper. From undergraduate, post graduate to graduate studies, writing a term paper takes into account the aspect of citation very seriously. Interestingly, despite students attending classes beforehand to be taught on how to craft a term paper and an emphasis on formatting rules taken into account as well, many still end up with poor papers, lacking in substances and formatting. Well, formatting is a very important aspect of academic writing, but again, it does not mean that when you don’t know how to do it rightly, poor grades awaits you. It always depends on who is marking your paper. But why neglect some very necessary aspects of term paper writing when the likelihood of them affecting your negatively cannot be overruled? Academic paper formatting is founded on the academic writing styles and in this regard, we take a look at Modern Language Association writing style.

In higher learning institutions, this is one of the widely used writing styles and it is always left to the student to learn the finer details of it because only a little is taught in class. Citation in an academic paper involves among other things resources obtained from the web and how well you should attribute them. Apart from this website which offers insightful details into this, you can always go to this service and take a look at what the website provided in term of how best one ought to cite websites. In this post, we take a look at some of the things to do.

Medium of publication

MLA being one of the widely used academic writing styles, editors is always looking into such aspects as the medium of publication. Well, in as much as the web links are dynamic in the sense that they keep chatting, citing them should have the word “wed” indicated to show the medium on which such material is obtained or published.

Placement of URLs

Well, the internet is awash with lots of information and because sometimes you can obtain certain information on multiple websites, MLA is nowadays discouraging the use of URLs. However, for academic purposes, they should appear after the date of retrieval and in brackets.

Electronic abbreviations

When it comes to use of abbreviations in your citations, the use of n.p. is often phenomenal with sources whose authors cannot be traced and also date of publication cannot be traced.

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