Creating A Strong Research Paper: A Guide For Middle School

As a middle school student you are probably new to the concept of a research paper. This is not a hard task if you know the right steps to follow and follow them well. In this article, I will attempt to outline for you five easy steps to follow in order to create a strong research paper:

  1. Collect data as thoroughly as possible
  2. Use whatever mean available to you to collect data on the topic you have chosen, try you best to be thorough and use as many sources as possible. You can use the internet, library or even papers done by past students as source for your research. Make sure you keep records of all the already written data sources you may cite in your paper.

  3. Construct an introduction
  4. This will be the first part of your paper, the first paragraph. In this section you state the hypothesis or idea that you wish to test. Don’t go into too much detail, your purpose here is to introduce your idea to the reader in a way that gains their interest and encourages them to read on. You may also use a hook at the end of the paragraph to compel the reader to continue into the body of your essay.

  5. Body
  6. This section can be two or three paragraphs long and its purpose is to fully develop your idea by presenting relevant evidence. Analyze your data in these sections and show the reader how the data relates to your stated hypothesis or idea. You must be concise but also very clear when presenting your ideas, your main goal is to have the reader understand what you have written.

  7. Conclusion
  8. This is the last paragraph of your paper and here you must state the conclusion which you believe summarizes all the points and evidence stated in the previous paragraphs. The reader must be able to understand how your conclusion results from the evidence presented and it must also leave the reader with a sense of completion after having read your work.

  9. Include a reference section
  10. As a researcher it is unlikely you can avoid referencing published works, or building on a past idea or experiment. It is important to include a section in all your pieces paying proper respects to the original authors of any pieces you may have cited in your research.

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