Solid Advice On Writing A Term Paper About Technology

Technology is a topic that is commonly assigned for term papers. When you are given a broad topic like this, it can be challenging to complete a focused project because there are so many directions to take. Instead of keeping the topic open like this, you should look for a way to condense it into something arguable. Keep in mind that you are just writing a term paper and not a volume of books. Here is some advice on writing the term paper:

  • Choose an interesting topic: The best way to focus a topic is to pick something that interests you. Technology ranges from personal devices like smartphones to computers that are used on machines flying through space. You can literally take the term paper out of this world because the topic is so broad. You could even focus on a type of technology, like medical tech, automotive tech, or agricultural tech.

  • Write an argumentative thesis: The best term papers are argumentative and prove a real point. The thesis is the controlling statement of the project and should be easy for the reader to recognize. It needs to go in the proper place and it should offer a preview of what is coming in the rest of the paragraphs. Students confuse their readers by using more than one sentence as a thesis; it should be just one sentence. If you are having challenges writing a thesis, come up with a yes-or-no question to answer. For example, you could ask: Does the government spend too much money on technology to use in outer space? The answer to the question will become your thesis.

  • Find expert sources: Prior to writing the thesis, you should begin looking for sources. These sources should always be written by experts in the field and supported by professional organizations and websites. The best places to look for quality sources are academic databases. The regular Internet has sources that have paid to at the top of the search and this does not mean that they are the best sources on the subject.

  • Focus the paragraphs: Every paragraph should focus on the thesis and offer high quality arguments. The structure of the paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that reflects the thesis. The rest of the paragraph should alternate between sentences that explain and proof that supports the explanations.

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