Basic Instructions On Writing An Economics Research Paper Proposal

Economy in local, national as well as in the global level is something that has been tremendously researched on and new and more innovative researches are being conducted on various field of economy. Research papers form a vital part of the higher level of studies in Economics, such as in the post graduate and PhD level.

While there are several topics on which one can compose the paper, many students get utterly confused about the presentation of their paper and hence the result is bad grades or poor construction of the overall paper. But by following the few tips and suggestions that have been tried and tested over years by generations of students for writing, one can easily excel in writing a quality proposal:

Instructions to follow while writing an economic research paper proposal

  • Stay updated with the most current theories of economy: the more recent your topic is, the less is the chances that it has already been discussed and hence if your choice of topic is such an issue, then it is more likely to grab the attention of other readers. Stay up to date with the current economic trends and theories and also the economic condition in the national as well as in the global level.

  • Back up your work with authentic facts and theories: the data and facts that you are using for the paper should be double checked to make sure that they are authentic. There is nothing more disastrous than providing wrong facts in the research paper and conducting your entire work is based on those wrong facts. The entire work would go to waste if your facts are incorrect.

  • Be chronological and organized: if your appear is presented haphazardly without any proper introduction or conclusion, then it would get really difficult for the audience to decipher what exactly you are researching about and also making out the crux of your work and hence being organized about your work is one of the key factors behind getting your work recognized and appreciated.

  • Do not deviate and stick to the point you are highlighting in your work: A particular topic may have several different perspective to it but as a researcher, your work is to stick to the particular point of view that you wish to highlight and discuss and not deviate to other points in any ways unless the deviation helps in highlighting the view you wish to discuss.

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