How To Compose An Impressive Psychology APA Research Paper

Writing a research paper in psychology can be difficult, but if you know the basic rules of how to compose your work, it’ll be much easier. The APA format suggests a particular order of sections that you should maintain. If you’ve never dealt with papers in the APA style before, you should read the guidelines below to structure your document properly.

  1. Create a title page.
  2. The title of your paper, your name, and your institution should be placed here. Use the standard font type and size. Make the text center aligned.

  3. Compose an abstract.
  4. Your instructor may require you to have an abstract for your paper. This is a brief summary of your entire work, including your results and summaries. Although an abstract is placed right after a title page, you should compose it only after your entire research paper is completed.

  5. Compose an introduction.
  6. An introductory section should present the topic of your study and indicate its importance. Give brief information about the main problem or question of your research. List the methods that you’re going to use in order to solve the problem or answer the question.

  7. Compose a body.
  8. The body of your document should be divided into several subsections. First, you should give detailed theoretical information about your topic for your readers to understand your further text clearly. Then, you should describe, in detail, the methods that you used during your research. The final body paragraphs should contain the results of your experiments and your commentaries related to them.

  9. Compose a conclusion.
  10. Sum up your results and indicate the significance of your contribution to the development of the research subject. List a few ways to continue your investigation and motivate your readers to do so.

  11. Add the bibliography.
  12. Here, you should list all the books that you used during your work and cited in your paper.

  13. Add appendices.
  14. This section is needed to contain all the additional materials that are necessary for the thorough examination of your experiments, like graphs, tables, and figures.

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