Excellent Ideas For Your College Research Paper About Abortion

Abortion is without doubt a controversial subject. That opens up a lot of debate. This is what makes it a good choice for a topic of choice for your college research paper. There are different areas that you can use to narrow the abortion scope and these include:

  • Moral

  • Legal

  • Women’s health concerns

  • Women right

Ths is a great idea for the subject or other issues that you encounter when writing an academic paper. This can help you to narrow the subject given by your instructor

Consider the topic

The next step will mbe to ask yourself on the topicor subject. If you will be asking questions on the narrowed topic, ask questions on the greater subject. Some of the questions that you should consider include:

  • Why is abortion considered to be cruel

  • Why is abortion considered to be cruel by factions that support anti-abortion?

  • What are the opinions and laws on abortion and how do they vary from the United States?

  • Abortion and human rights

  • Understanding the planned parenthood costs

  • The abortion history in the United States

  • The moral concerns about abortion

Answer the question

You will need to answer one or more questions here. The more questions you are able to answer the better especially if you want to address various issues. If you intend to address one issue, ensure that you put a lot of thoughts into it. Once you create the logic between the question and answer, this will create the bulk to the paper.


The outline of a research paper can be the most difficult part. You will need to ensure that the paper has all the key aspects and these have been presented in the right way. This is why you need yo make an outline even before you can start the research as well as the writing. Ensure that your outline contains:

  • Introduction: Should hve the focus of the paper as well as its opening statement

  • Paper’s body paragraph. Here you should give information such as the history of abortion and the way it started. You can also show the perfection of the public by including polls. Answer questions such as whether most Americans want abortion to be illegal. Consider also the future of abortion and whether people’s perceptions are changing

  • Summary

Review the key points of your argument and have a call to action.

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