5 Basic Research Paper Writing Rules For Dummies

Writing any kind of paper should follow some basic guidelines. They can be learned at a very early age and don’t really change as you go throughout your scholastic career. The only things that change as you get older is the contents but the basic format is the same. Here are 5 basic research paper writing rules for dummies:

  1. Take your time to choose your topic. – This is the most important step in your research paper. Try to choose a topic that interests you the most. Brainstorming is a way of finding what you are most interested in because the first things that come to your mind are usually what you are passionate about. If you are passionate about your topic, your paper will be more interesting.

  2. Research effectively until you come up with your thesis statement and then research some more. – There must be enough research on your topic so if you are having problem finding information, consider changing your topic. Once you have decided on your thesis statement, narrow your research down to that area and keep your notes organized.

  3. Create an outline – This step will make your entire project easier and if you get used to doing this with every type of writing you do, you will be much more successful. The outline should have your introduction including your thesis statement, your body that will have at least three supporting paragraphs that will prove your thesis statement or support it in some way, then your conclusion which will restate your thesis and summarize your supporting issues as well as leave your readers with something to think about.

  4. Write your rough draft and get some who you respect to read it over. – Create your rough draft from the road map you created from your outline. Let someone you trust read it and let them give you their opinion and make changes that they suggest to make it better.

  5. Edit your paper and write your final draft. – Make sure you have your paper properly formatted and there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Then create your final draft. Include an awesome cover letter so your paper looks professional and then proudly hand it into your professor.

If you follow these steps, you can create a great research paper at any level of your education. If you want more detailed information, check this website.

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