Discovering Excellent Research Paper Topics In Psychology

Psychology is amazing in the sense that a lot of it has to do with hypothetical operation of the brain and yet it often poses in the garb of exact science. However, when you consider the enigma of the brain, you view this contradiction in a better light.

A whale of research articles

There are so many roadmaps you can take in Psychology that it is but natural to weigh in a crocodile of research articles on the subject. You can waver in any direction; from what is to what may happen; even to what never happened.

Difference of approach

The human brain is still a subject of intense enquiry. A person may be quite liberated regarding women’s treatment and yet remain rigid while following superstitions. A person may not believe in Gods and yet be fearful of ghosts.

Intensity breeds action

Thus, the same person behaves in a diametrically different manner with two different aspects. Interestingly, when this behavior becomes outrageous and a person becomes schizophrenic, the researchers come out with tongs and forceps.

Subjects to decipher

Your research paper may source out the impact of environment on the nature of a child; say, dominance, alcoholism, domestic violence or a great camaraderie. You can also trace the psychological patterns of a society towards an oddball character or a trauma survivor.

The world revolves

You may also assert your opinion on the racist strains and how the victims’ psyche gets bogged down by it. Interestingly, in prison, it works opposite; there, you feel the odd man out if you are actually a clean person.

Crime and poverty

You may drive your research towards how poverty begets criminal mindset and how poor immigrants tend to fall prey to the rich interlude. This is again a topic for fervent finding. Meanwhile, here are 10 focused research paper topics on Psychology for your reference –

  1. Analyze the psyche of a violent bully and the raw reasons behind this turn

  2. Assess the societal perspective of a rape victim and propound positive changes

  3. Analyze the psyche of a wannabe heroine who knows she will always be perceived as a
  4. casting couch product

  5. Suggest concrete methods through which the patriarchal element of societies can be neutralized in the next 10 years

  6. Trace the psyche behind Jihad

  7. Take the perspective of an ISIS proponent

  8. Suggest ways to solve the riddle of child disorder

  9. Analyze how multicultural enterprises can check racist strains

  10. Analyze why Siamese twins have different priorities in life

  11. Assess whether the old-world Puritanism actually kept humans within tethers

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