Winning International Economic Term Paper Topics

Students that are taking up a course in international economics are usually expected to present a term paper from time to time in the course of the study semester. This is something that a lot of students expect by now. Learning is not just about showing up in class and taking notes. There will be a time when you are required to take on an exploratory motive and present a strong term paper on international economics.

When this time comes, it is important for you to know how to select a strong topic that you will discuss. Choosing a good topic is imperative, considering that you will be able to not only appeal to the interests of the examiner, but through the topic that you choose for this term paper, you will also be able to show your teacher that you can apply the knowledge you have learned in class.

By default at this level you need to know the structure of a strong topic in international economics. A good title should always provide the reader an in-depth view into the paper without even reading it. The following are some of the sample ideas that you can front for this task:

  • Consider the culture and the trade policy of the European Union, and critically analyze it

  • Discuss how the WTO handles dispute settlements. Provide a relevant example for this

  • Discuss the role of the Asian Monetary Cooperation in the trading bloc wherein it is instituted

  • Explain how globalization has impacted on international trade

  • Disputes currently arise in Africa over bilateral deals with the Eastern nations as opposed to the conventional partnerships with the West. Discuss how the rise of the Eastern contingent poses a threat to the proverbial domination of the markets in developing countries by the West

  • Explain the role of technology in the expansion of global markets

  • International economics and politics go hand in hand. Discuss, citing 5 scenarios where this statement stands true

  • Discuss the emergence of political and social movements in the world and how they have influenced international business economics

  • Citing relevant examples, discuss how multinational enterprises have benefited from continued efforts to streamline globalization

  • Explain how capital inflow to poorer economies can be improved through international trade. Discuss with reference to balance of payments

  • From your experience in economics classes, explain how the volume of trade between international allies can exert an upward or downward pressure on wages

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