Selecting A Good Term Paper Topic: 17 Outstanding Examples

If you really want to write an outstanding term paper, you need to start by choosing an outstanding topic to write about. Even though you may be struggling to do that, it really is worth doing. And, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, this article has a list of seventeen excellent examples of term paper topics to help you select your own.

What makes a topic outstanding?

Before we get to the actual examples, it’s important that you know what characteristics make a theme an absolutely outstanding one. First, the theme must be interesting, to both you and your reader. If you find it interesting it’ll be easier for you to write it, and if your reader finds it interesting you’re likely to get a good grade. Second, the theme needs to be researchable, which means that you need to be able to find enough information about it to write a whole essay about it. Third, the theme needs to be fresh and new, as you don’t want to write yet another term paper about your family holiday. If you can’t find a novel theme, you should at least try to come up with a new angle on an old theme. Fourth, if you need to write your essay for a specific subject, the theme must form part of that specific subject.

Some excellent examples

Now that you know what makes for a brilliant theme, have a look at some of these great examples:

  • Renewable energy
  • Discuss renewable energy.

  • Airplane accidents
  • Who should take responsibility for airplane accidents?

  • Social anxiety
  • How is social anxiety different from simple shyness?

  • Dichromatism
  • Discuss dichromatism.

  • Stem cell research
  • Should researchers be allowed to conduct stem cell research?

  • Civil disobedience
  • Discuss civil disobedience

  • Body language
  • How does men and women’s body language differ?

  • >Vaccinations
  • Should parents be forced to have their children vaccinated?

  • Gap year
  • Is it useful for teenagers to take a gap year before they attend university?

  • Nuclear power
  • Is it wise for us to use nuclear power?

  • Alchemy
  • Discuss alchemy.

  • Mothers
  • Should stay-at-home mothers get a salary from their husbands?

  • Bullying
  • Should the government create laws to prevent bullying?

  • Intersexualism
  • Discuss intersexualism.

  • Illiteracy
  • Are people in the modern world becoming more illiterate?

  • Overpopulation
  • Discuss overpopulation.

  • Organ sale
  • Should the sale of human organs be legalised?

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