What Everybody Ought To Know About Research Methods

Understanding how to conduct research is vital to the success of your academic career. Too many students waste time with weak research methods. They use sources that they think are solid but are undated or written by unknown writers. They use blogs instead of researched journal articles. They also waste time looking for sources on search engines rather than using the tools that colleges and universities provide.

Manage Your Time by Picking Articles Wisely

Saving time is important when it comes to researching. It is easy to get sucked into a vortex of articles, so knowing what you are looking for will help you avoid wasting time. When you start researching, look for exactly what you want and get the job done. It is best to read the abstracts, discard the ones that will not work, and use the first ones that do. You will never find an article that is 100% perfect, so pick the ones that support your argument and stop when you have enough.

Organize Your Articles by Creating the Bibliography Immediately

As soon as you choose your articles, the next thing you should do is build the bibliography entries. The best students will keep a running list that they build with an online app. This way, they will be able to find the articles again. Putting together the bibliography entry is easy to do, especially if you do one article at a time. With the bibliography entries done immediately, you can include the sources in your paragraphs. Along with time management, organization is another key to research methods success.

As You Write, Wisely Find Missing Information

After you have conducted your research and built your bibliography entries, you are ready to start writing. As you write, you will see whether or not your need any more research. If you are well organized and you have managed your time, you will be able to find what you need quickly and easily. The best articles are found in the academic search engines that colleges provide for their students. Use specific language when you conduct that search so you do not have to worry about having hundreds or thousands articles to dig through to find that last minute article. If you can avoid having to search for more information, you will write your paper faster and create less stress for yourself.

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