How To Differentiate A Research Paper Abstract Vs. Introduction?

When writing a research paper, it is crucial that as a writer you are insightful of the terms and what to include in your paper. In other words, it is a must that you know the difference of every component of the paper. This way, you are certain to be on the right track.

Exploring the distinction between an introduction and an abstract

An introduction pertains to the presentation of the main issue and thesis statement of the research paper, on the other hand, an abstract refers to a succinct summary of the essay, research paper or thesis and lets the target readers to have an idea of the main ideas and purpose of the paper.

In addition, introduction and abstract are regarded as two primary terms which are broadly involved whether the writer will work on a research paper or a thesis. Take in mind that every well-composed piece of composition often offers advance notice to its target audience in abstract or introduction regarding what they should expect to read or learn from the paper. Essentially, this hinges on the purpose of the work.

Be that as it may, introduction and abstract are deemed as indispensable components of any scientific research. More than that, a terse comparison between these terms is clearly described below in order to make the distinction clear in minds of the target readers:

  • The introduction
  • This actually contains extensive concepts than an abstract. It is known as the very first section of a book or a thesis.

    What is the purpose of writing an introduction?

    For a fact, the purpose of writing an introduction is to be able to build understanding regarding the subject in a dissertation or book. Through going over the introduction, the readers could easily understand the concept about the book’s content.

    Readers could further understand the importance of the subject of the research. Note that it is not limited to the research’s purpose and it involves a lot of aspects.

  • The Abstract
  • This is also termed as a synopsis. It refers to short form of the thesis or the final paper. Moreover, the bottom-line of the findings of any research is penned in this section. Typically, these are designed to present in seminars as well as conferences for scholars and supervisors to underscore the thesis’ short version.

    What is the purpose of an abstract?

    The purpose of an abstract is to offer the target readers an opportunity to be insightful about the topic. In a nutshell, it involves concise explanations of the research’s findings.

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