Creating A Research Paper Title Page In The Turabian Style: Useful Tips

Turabian style of formatting research papers is also referred to as Chicago format. It provides specific guidelines regarding the content of each page, information to be included on the header, spacing, font size and other aspects of academic writing. The guidelines apply to individuals writing academic papers in both humanities and social sciences. The two disciplines require a different approach.

Content Of The Title Page

The following details should be included in your title page:-

  • Your name

  • The name of your instructor

  • Title of the course

  • Reference number or code for the course

  • The date of handing over the research paper

  • The lecturer may require you to include other details. Consult to ensure that you adhere to the laid down rules.

Formatting The Title Page

When formatting the title page, the topic should remain centered. It should be two line spaces below the date. The title should neither be underlined nor quoted. Do not include a number on the title page unless you are writing a paper in social sciences.

Formatting The Other Pages

There should be a one inch margin on each side of all pages. On the top right corner of each page should be your last name followed by the page number. These details should not be included in the title page. The first word of each paragraph should be indented. The alternative is using five ordinary letter spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.

Spacing And Font Sizes

The main document should be double spaced. This rule does not apply to footnotes, endnotes and references. The three entries should be single spaced with a single blank line between every entry. The standard font size is 12 points.


The traditional way of making citations in your research paper using Turabian style is to include endnotes and footnotes. You will require a bibliography at the end of the paper. A new style has emerged where you are allowed to use parenthetical notations. You will be required to include a page on the works cited at the end of your paper. Unless your supervisor indicates otherwise, you should use the formal style.

The body of your research paper in Turabian style begins on page two. This means that all identification details must be captured on the cover page. Always factor in specific instructions provided by your supervisor besides the general writing rules given above.

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